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Rhomboids Self Help

Posted on 10 May, 2015 at 14:45

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The Rhomboid muscles (both major and minor) help to hold the scapula (shoulder blade) onto the rib cage. They pull the scapula inwards toward the centre-line of the body, pulling backwards and laterally drawing the shoulder back.

If the rhomboids are not able to contract there may be pain, discomfort and a limited range of shoulder movement. This can affect a person's ability to lift, pull and push, and daily activities such as getting dressed and washing hair can become difficult.


The area of pain or discomfort can be felt slightly higher or lower that the muscles.


Self Help

Gentle Stretches can help to ease tension and keep the muscles supple in between massage sessions.

1) Lift your shoulders up to your ears as in a dramatic shrug, then lower your shoulders and pull them down.

 2) Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards in slow controlled movements.

 3) Lift your arms up and hold them parallel to your ears. You should be able to comfortable hold your arms up for 30 seconds.


Using weights can help stretch and strengthen muscles.

 Bent- over Rowing

 A) Bend-over with soft knees and a straight back. Have comfortable hand weights (you can use water bottles just as well)

 B) Pull the weights up to just below the ribs, then lower again.

 Take slow and controlled movements.

 Reverse Fly-curls

 C) Bring your arms back to centre

 D) Raise your arms up and out to shoulder height

 Safety Tips

  • Make slow controlled movements, not to jerk and pull a muscle
  • Keep your knees soft and back straight
  • Pull your stomach muscles up and in to support your back
  • Let your back muscles do the work, not your arms
  • Start with a low number of reps, stop as soon as your muscle tire
  • Always stretch before and after using weights

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