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Anxiety & Reiki

Posted on 3 May, 2017 at 7:15

My Anxiety used to be so bad, it was hard for me to leave the house some days. 

People ask me how am I so calm, and they're surprised when I say it's all thanks to Reiki. 

Reiki taught me that everything is energy. This isn't some airy hippy stuff, this is science.

Energy can transfer from one object to another, or even one person to another.

Think how drained you feel after spending time with someone who is feeling low.

Then think how energised you feel after spending time with someone who is happy, it makes you feel good.

So what if you are a Highly Sensitive Person, or an Empath?

Highly Sensitive People are those who are easily affected by others. They can feel overwhelmed by crowds, or feel the pain of others, even if people try to hide their emotions. They become a sponge, absorbing so much energy by the thoughts and feelings of others they sometimes lose touch of their own. They are usally the ones people talk to, and the other person leaves feeling better, but these people are left feeling drained, empty or even confused. Then they have a hard time relaxing and letting go and switching off because they have too much energy, as they carry theirs and everyone else's. This is not something they choose to do. It's simply because they don't know any other way!

This used to be me.

Reiki taught me how to:

* Feel my own energy - so I knew what was mine.

* Ground my energy - so I could release the excess and stop having panic attacks.

* Protect my energy - so I didn't take on the energy of others.

* Direct my energy - so I put it to good use, to heal myself and others.

I also learnt that there was a plus side to being a Highly Sensitive Person.

 Up until that point it only felt like a curse. 

Sensitive and anxious people, are really good at reading the energy of the enviroment.

They are always picking up on stubtle energies asking "Do I feel safe?" 

and the biggest lesson I learnt from Reiki was... 

There is only the NOW & right NOW I AM SAFE! 

Imagine the freedom and peace I felt, knowing I'm fully in charge of MY energy, and there are ways to stop others affecting mine. These days, not only do I feel much calmer and incontrol, but I am able to offer a safe and sacred place for others to relax in and feel totally at peace with themselves and the world around them. 

So I've put together a 1 day Workshop where I will share, not only what I have learnt through Reiki, but also through the other holisitc therapies I have studied. The great thing is, you don't even have to beleive in Reiki to feel the benefits. I wanted to offer something different from the norm, from all the other Anxiety courses out there. Chances are, if you've had anxiety a long time you've probably read all the mainstream books anyway!

On this course we'll look at simple energy techniques, meditation, aromatherpy and crystals alongside Reiki. Pulling in all holistic knowledge so you'll have a full tool kit to help become more calmer and incontrol of your anxiety.

In addition to the one day, I'll be offering a second day for those who want to take the full Reiki 1 course. This includes Reiki Attunements, that align you to the beautiful energy of the universe, and how to use Reiki, not only to heal yourself, but your friends and family also! 

Each day is only £50

That's £25 off the full price of Reiki 1 

I'm so confident in this course helping to ease Anxiety,

I'll offer a full refund* - no questions asked, if you feel it hasn't helped.

I truly beleive that understanding energy can be the key to freedom from Anxiety.

*A refund can only be given for day 1, not the full Reiki 1 Course.

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