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Distance Reiki

20th March 2020

Due to the new guidelines for social distancing, the clinic will be temporarily closed. So I'll be now offering Distance Reiki.

Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese form of energy work that produces a meditative state that is deeply relaxing. This eases stress and anxiety, lowing pain levels, boosts endorphins and encourages the body to heal.

Its a very gentle treatment that is suitable for all. You don't have to do anything, just simply relax in a comfortable position and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

Before your treatment I will call you for an in-depth consultation, just to see how you are feeling and find out your treatment aims.

You will then be given 3 min to get comfortable, either in a sitting a laying down and I will send the Reiki.

Once I have finished, I will call you again to discuss my treatment findings. Or, if you don't answer (if you have drifted off to sleep) I will type them up and email them to you. 

You can also have an Oracle reading as part of your treatment to gain insight into your situation.

After your treatment, depending on your needs, a Reiki crystal grid will be set up that will continue to hold a healing space for you over the next 24 hours.

Bookings can be made online and are currently available from 10am - 10pm

7 days a week while I am self isolating.


Reflexology for Menopause

Posted on 9 August, 2019 at 7:05

The day after my 39th birthday I went to the Dr's because my anxiety had returned. I happened to mention my muscles ache and the heat is making it difficult to sleep.

I was knocked off my feet to hear my latest bloods showed I'm perimenopausal!

I had no idea there's so many different symptoms and even though it's gradual it can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Unfortunately, the menopause is still taboo. We just don't talk about it enough. Did you know you can be peri for up to 10 years?

I'd love to hear from those who have any hints or tips, or from those who are going through it too.

I've set up a private Facebook Group for women to talk and support others. You can visit my group" target="_blank"> here.

My aim this summer is to come up with a specific treatment plan to help ease menopausal symptoms. I'm looking for 5 women who are struggling and happy to be case studies.

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