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Reiki Courses

Reiki Course Timetable

Reiki 1 Course ~ 1 day - 25th May

Reiki 2 Course ~ 8th June

Reiki Refresher ~ Email to join waiting list

Reiki 3a Course ~ Email to join waiting list

Reiki Shares


Reiki 1

Heal Yourself

This Reiki course covers how to use Reiki for self healing, personal development and healing loved ones. Open to everyone from all backgrounds, Reiki has no links to any religious beliefs.

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Reiki 2

Professional Diploma

Take your Reiki learning to the next level. This Reiki course covers everything you need to know to become a professional Reiki Therapist. You'll learn the Reiki symbols that deepen your connection and confidence and how to send distance Reiki.
At this level you will need to complete case studies and a professional reflective journal. There will be on-going support after the course and students can attend my fortnightly Reiki shares free of charge while completing their training.

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Reiki 3a

Master Level

Become a Master of your own energy!
This level is about putting together everything you've learnt and creating your own path in Reiki. There are more symbols and 1 final 'attunement' that attunes you to the Master level.

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Reiki 3b

Master & Teacher Level

This level is about developing a deeper understanding about Reiki and how to teach and attune others. There are more symbols and 1 'attunement'. This course is based around the individual and their own experience of Reiki.
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