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Pregnancy can be the most important stage in a female’s life, and it can also be the most challenging!

With the body constantly changing there's no wonder pregnancy comes with aches and pains. Backache, SPD & Sciatica are the most common complaints I see during pregnancy.

Your body goes through tremendous changes, from your posture changing to accommodate bump, to the unique pregnancy hormones effecting you not only physically but emotionally too. The pregnancy hormone ‘Relaxin’ makes joints soft and supple in preparation for the birth. This means, added strain to hips, shoulders and neck.

When the body aches during pregnancy, it can feel like it lasts forever, and it’s so frustrating knowing there is little you can take apart from paracetamol. The pain can make you wish your pregnancy would go faster, and stop you enjoying the unique and special time.

If left untreated, pregnancy aches would only worsen as the bump grows, putting more strain on your body. Muscle tension can also make the birth more uncomfortable, and this can amplify during the first few months with your new-born. You might be in the same position for hours during feeding, and all the lifting, holding and carrying can put added stress on the back, neck and shoulders.

Pregnancy massage is specifically designed to ease the aches and pains during pregnancy. It is tailored to meet the needs of both mother and bump and it is completely safe from conception right up into early labour.

During the massage you will either lay on a pillow that is designed to support your bump, or on your side with your knees and bump supported. Pregnancy massage is deep enough to ease aches and pains, but gentle enough to allow you to relax and enjoy the treatment. It offers a positive relaxing space that helps strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

The areas that will be massaged is completely up to you depending on what you need on the day. Reflexology, Reiki and Sports Tape can also be added to enhance the treatment at no extra cost.

Pregnancy massage also helps to lower stress and anxiety levels, and helps to lower the pain felt during labour and with regular massage, can aid recovery after.

After your pregnancy massage you’ll feel more relaxed, your muscles will feel softer, tension in shoulders and hips will have eased and you’ll feel more like your old self again.

Pregnancy / Post-Partum Massage

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Pregnancy / Post-Partum Massage

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Pregnancy / Post-Partum Massage

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Pregnancy / Post-Partum Massage

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