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Reiki 3a Master Course

Reiki 3a

25th & 26th Jan / 26th & 27th Sep

This course is for those who want to really deepen their Reiki connection.

Reiki 3a is the Master level, while 3b is the teaching level.

On this course you will;

  • Revisit the teachings from level 1 & 2

  • Explore additional symbols used in Reiki
  • Unlock the Reiki Master Symbol
  • Discover how Crystals & Crystal Grids can boost Reiki
  • Discuss the Laws of Energy
  • Explore Kundalini Energy
  • Experience sound healing
  • Look at other ways to protect & harness your energy work

During this 2 day course students will deepen their knowledge and learning. As each course is tailored to match the needs of the students, additional topics can be added on request.

Pre-requisite: Students must have at least a 12 month gap between taking Reiki Level 1.

Cost: £200 £50 deposit needed to secure a place

Please note: Students will need to complete both 3a & 3b to teach Reiki.