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When you need to Relax!

New to Massage and unsure what style to book?
Don't worry, together we'll go through a consultation to find out what suits you best!

Benefits of Massage

For all types of massage

  • Say good-bye to aches & pains
  • Enjoy soft relaxed muscles
  • Improved mobility
  • Feel less stressed and anxious
  • Get a better nights sleep
  • Gain more clarity & concentration 
  • Experience how it feels to let go of tension

Swedish Massage

Gentle & Relaxing

When you want deep tissue, without the deep pressure.
Cupping Massage offers a unique technique that uses soft cups to lift the skin and muscles up for a deeper, yet gentle massage. Instead of pressing into the muscles, it lifts tissues away from the nerves, so all you feel is a gentle glide.
This massage is good for stubborn tension caused by injuries, sports and repetitive strain. Perfect for those who are new to massage, or not keen on deep pressure.

Hot Stone Massage

Warm & Soothing 

When your muscles are tight and they need help.
The heat from the volcanic basalt stones penetrates deep into the muscles. This gives a deeper yet more gentle and soothing massage on painful muscles. Ideal for those who have poor circulation or extremely tight muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

Nurturing & comforting 

Essential Oils not only provoke the senses, but brings therapeutic properties to the massage also. Oils can be used to calm, ground, uplift or soothe.  Before your Aromatherapy massage, we'll pick oils that match your needs.

Traditionally, Aromatherapy massage is light and gentle. However, Aromatherapy oils can be used during a deep tissue massage also. 



This gentle treatment is deeply relaxing and feels wonderful to receive. The pressure is just firm enough not to tickle, yet gentle enough to relax. For those who don't like having their feet touched, Reflexology can be applied also to the hands.

90 min

60 min

30 min